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please don't let me fall out of love . . .

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welcome to the hopless romantics community.
if you join lets keep to a few simple rules:

+introduce yourself first! don't be shy. we will all love you. i promise :)

do us the favor and fill this little intro survey out:

+ name.age.location:

+ picture[s]!:

+ some bands you enjoy:

+ hobbies:

+ what do you think love LOOKS like:

thanks. :)

+ i dont mind what you post. as long as it is romance related, but lets keep it PG-13 rated stuff now ;)

+ quizzes and surveys are fine...romance related though. i dont care what color socks of amy's you are.

+ tell us stories! unrequitted love? falling in love? breaking up? anything.

+ have debates on stuff..please. make it interesting. anything [too] degrading will be deleted though, thats not cool to do.

**this is not a "chick" community. anyone and everyone ;) should join :)**

go ahead and feel free to contact/add/harass me.


aim: paige is better

enjoy your stay.