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hope i do this right..

hey everyone!! im new here! ive been with my wonderful boyfriend danny for about a year...hes moving, although only 2 hours away, so im not sure if that qualifies for a long distace relationship or not, since we are seeing each other regularly. just wanted to say hey and introduce myself!

+ name.age.location: nichole.15.florida

+ picture[s]!:
my shnookie and i

+ some bands you enjoy: i like all kinds of music but i really like maroon 5 and brand new

+ hobbies: singing, yoga, scrapbooking (which im always made fun of for doing lol), just being with my friends and boyfriend

+ what do you think love LOOKS like: i dont think love has an image...its one of those..feelings that are so hard to explain....and you know what they say about hard to explain feelings...they are the best ones <3
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ahh i did it wrong :(
sorry guys!